We offer the best service to provide agency service in all Turkish ports and meet the needs of the shipowner/ charterer and vessel’ at competitive prices with a special agency team that understands based on 24/7/365.


Content of Our Services

  • Arrival and departure control operations
  • Providing the necessary services for pilot, tug supervision, loading and unloading operations
  • Various survey organizations
  • Ship spare parts customs clearance and delivery
  • Crew change organization
  • Organization of disinfection of vessel’ holds / accommodation area
  • Sludge and garbage collection organization.
  • Visa and boarding procedures for crew
  • Medical needs organization of crew
  • Delivery of the Cash to Master (CTM)
  • Organization of repair/maintenance works of the vessel when necessary
  • Hold cleaning services organization
  • To keep/calculate transparent and accurate port costs, to always protect the rights of our customers.

For More Information About Our Services and Solutions: agency@blueoceantr.com

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